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I am the new one

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    Feb 2018

    I am the new one

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    kstarr record

    Lotus is outside smoking, dressed up in her white dress, and fancy hat for Derby Day. While laying outside, breasts exposed, she lifts the fabric of her dress so she can play with herself as the smoke dances on her lips.
    While wearing my ballgag I fuck my little pussy & ass until I cum
    This was a custom cam request and I just couldn't resist filming it. Watch behind the scenes as I take four pie tins of shaving cream to my face. I start by filling all the tins and making sure they're piled high with shaving cream. I know how my client wants me to tip this shaving cream pie up and pop it into my face. On the count of three I pie myself. Getting shaving cream all over my head. I smash all of them, barely wiping my face between each shaving cream pie. I savor the cream splattered all over me. The last two pies I smash in my face and then twist the pie tin as I smash it. Leaving the shaving cream on. On the last pie I count my client down till I epically pie myself, flinging shaving cream all over. I then chat a bit more as I wipe my face off from all the shaving cream pies

    Summer - 2015Enjoy seeing double as I pleasure myself with my Hitachi beside the mirror
    Dr. Smiley's next patient's name is Brenden. Her ex-boyfriend's name was Brenden and she HATES that name. Smiley mistreats anyone that reminds her of her ex. So she slides her office table out of the way and replaces it with Brenden! He is now her new work table. She sends emails and talks on the phone all while Brenden is still on all fours holding up Smiley's laptop and documents. She unbuttons her shirt, and props her feet on her new table. When it's time for Smiley's lunch break, she drags him to the break room. Then she uses him as a chair while she eats her lunch and reads magazines. She taunts and teases him as she takes her sweet time. Smiley tries to make it as uncomfortable as possible by laying across his back like a bed and lifts up her legs so all of her weight is on him
    NOTE: This is a custom and I refer to master as Master Jimi a couple times Your little kitsune maid has been up to something bad while you were away! She tries to hide it but she's been trained to well to hide anything from master. She confesses she was reading a hentai while waiting for him to come back! Master decides that as punishment for reading smut, she must act out the hentai scenes with him! Kitsune pouts but knows she has to be punished. She starts by sucking master’s cock to get it nice and hard. Then she’s f.orced to put on nipple clamps while she rides his big dick. After a couple minutes she turns around and grinds on him, giving a good view of her tight pussy gripping his cock. Hmm..that actually felt good! I don't think that was much of a punishment master! Has a little something extra at the end
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    You are talking to your employee Alyssa about how crazy busy work has been. She's asking your opinion on a proposal and the conversation turns to her desire to go on vacation. You both talk about where you would like to go. The topic changes back to work and she talks about how much she loves her job even though it takes up all of her time. She says she can't imagine doing anything else. She admits she doesn't have time to date and says t that it's been a year since she's went out with anyone. She says it would be nice to be with someone who would understand her hectic schedule.. She asks if you think it would make sense to date someone who you work with. She tells you that she thinks it would make sense, seeing as though you would understand one another. She finally confuses that she has feelings for you and that she would like to explore those to see what happens. This video includes soft whispers, tapping sounds, flipping a notebook, sensual masturbation and an orgasm
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    You come home to find me on the couch asleep. Your freezing cold, the best way to warm up is get naked! I tease you and strip out of my clothes. Telling you how and when to stroke it, balancing my tits as if I was on top of you riding your cock hard. Teasing in the name of the game here. You finish as I beg you to cum in my mouth.
    The final installment of Sierra's Foot Day. Sierra Fox wants to keep her delicate toes soft and luxurious. Taking handfuls of lotion she massages the cream into her soles. Slowly stroking and squeezing her delicious feet
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    customer description: I was looking for a Giantess Joi video it would start with you standing over the camera looking down at me on The floor below you...you'll be mean talking down to me...saying things like you're so tiny I could easily squish you...you'll be teasing me with your feet and acting like you're gonna crush me, but you notice me getting really turned on by it..so you'll keep on teasing me since i'm so turned on and don't seem scared that you're gonna squish me... *photo does not represent video quality
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    Mar 2018

    divinehott record

    After a long day of shooting what better to do than clean up in the shower, especially when that shower is outdoors. You'll get plenty of close ups of my tits, ass, and pussy. Enjoy
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    Mar 2018

    hot_izabella video

    Its valentines day, but we cant spend it together while you're away so I decide to make you a little surprise.
    Watch me go through my normal shower routine, up close and personal, without me even knowing you're there!
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