In BC 307 as well as in the Warring States Period in China when there was a King named Wuling Zhao reformed to carry out Hu clothes riding and shooting to have persons in Zhao learned riding and shooting. He was very imposing to walk out of the city by riding a horse with his retinues. One day, he saw there were several rabbits in the woods and asked his retinues to grasp alive rabbits for him,cheap nba jerseys, then retinues there were grouped into four teams to catch them together but frightened rabbits ran here and there to escape from the gaps of horses and no rabbit had been grasped at last to make everyone there shake their heads. Suddenly a person there stepped forward to offer a suggestion for the king that a ball could be played rather than rabbits in the palace since it was quite interesting. The king was so happy that he asked that person to be in charge of preparing this interesting game for him. So that football game was born in China then. It was a kind of game playing by riding a horse which name was Cuju then. The Chinese Cu or Ta means kicking and Ju is a football then. But Cuju then developed greatly for three aspects mainly which included an inflated ball, goal established and a variety of playing styles.
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